Animal Welfare Groups and NGO’s

What Animal Welfare Groups and Efforts Do

But for the relentless efforts being made by the animal welfare organisations, humane societies, charitable trusts, societies for prevention of cruelty to animals (SPCA) and some kind-hearted individuals, the condition of animals would have been far worse that it is at present.  It goes to the credit of these  organisations  that despite formidable odds, such as financial constrains and indifference of the government agencies, they are doing an excellent work to ameliorate  the living conditions of  the creatures in distress.

Different organizations  focus on different aspects of animal welfare. Some of them profess vegetarianism and create public awareness for being kind to the animals.  Some others are engaged in establishment of rescue homes, animal shelters, sanctuaries, pinjarpoles, and gaushalas,  where animals and birds in distress stay under protection.

Many organisations are running hospitals and health care centers for animals and birds, maintaining mobile dispensaries and keeping ambulance vans for transporting ill and injured animals. Sterilization of stray animals and offering pets for adoption are also amongst the activities of some of the organizations.

However, despite different fields of activities of different animal welfare bodies and humane societies etc., the basic objective of their efforts is the same: to prevent unnecessary pain and suffering to the animals and to promote their welfare.

The Pet Welfare Groups and Efforts, animal welfare organisations, societies and charitable trusts are generally non-profit bodies funded by donations, grants and sponsorships.  Any responsible citizen who has a soft corner for animals, birds and wildlife, and is concerned about their welfare, can support the cause of these organizations by acquiring their membership, making donations or supporting them in some other way.

We give below the particulars of animal welfare organizations, societies for prevention of cruelty to animals (SPCA), charitable trusts and other bodies engaged in animal welfare, located in the various cities of India.  More additions will be made to the list as and when  we come to know about other such organizations.

In case you know about any animal welfare organization, which is not included in this list, do Contact Us.

(This list is based on the information published by a number of sources, notably,WeforAnimals as also the feedback given by various animal welfare organizations themselves).


Pet Welfare Groups and Efforts

National Level: 


People for Animals

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Stray Relief and Animal Welfare




West Bengal


Animal Helpline