Gestation Period in Dogs

The average gestation period in dogs is estimated to be around 9 weeks, which is about 63 days.

Gestation period is the time frame between ovulation and birth.

When the gestation period in dogs is counted from the actual day of mating, there can be variances since we actually don’t know when her eggs are fertilized.

Since the dog’ sperm can live 10-11 days once inside the uterine tubes, her gestation period can be up to 70 days long. But in this case, just to make sure, a vet should be consulted to rule out possible complications in her pregnancy.

On the other hand, when her eggs are fertilized on the day she was bred, it can be as short as 60 days.


I have seen a lot of posts with regards to pregnancy and expected date of whelping. The reason why I would like to share this simple literature with regards to Canine Pregnancy Timeline and I hope this will guide everyone.

Days 1 through 4: Pregnancy starts when the dog ovulates, The sperm of the Sire will reach an ovum (female reproductive cell, or better known as the egg cell) on the 4th day after mating. As mentioned above this can be as long as 10 days.

Day 7: Embryos will move to the uterine horns.

Day 16: Dog embryos embed in the uterus lining

Day 22: Dog fetus begins to take shape

Day 32: The embryo takes shape with the eyelids taking on a distinct shape

Day 35: Toes become visible

Day 40: Claws take shape

Day 45: Coat and skeleton starts to form

Day 50: Skeleton fully formed

Day 58 onward: The female will look for a nesting area to give birth.

Day 60 to 64: Female will give birth.

In case of false pregnancy the behaviour of the Female will be the same as in a Loaded female.