Pet Boarding Day Care

  • summer vacation dog in bag full of holiday items
    Your dog will be cared for around the clock in a safe, comfortable environment made just for them at Boskys Pet Boarding and Daycare.

From comfortable sleeping accommodations to supervised play: Boskys Kennel Pet Boarding is your pet’s home away from home.

We also accept Pets for Day Boarding only. So do plan your weekend getaways without worrying about your Pets.

Our guests are welcome to bring along their special stuffed toy to make them feel right at home.

If you want to have two dogs that you’d like to board together, do let us know.

Things to Bring: 

-Vaccine Record

-Leash & Collar / Harness


-Ongoing Medications


Please bring along your PETS VACCINATION RECORDS. No pets will be allowed inside whose Vaccinations are not up to date. If Vaccine and Deworming dates fall while at our care, do inform us. Our Vet will administer the necessary doses (chargeable). All rights to Admission are reserved. We are presently offering Boarding services hence Medical Emergencies, and Sick dogs will not be admitted.

Fleas & Ticks:
In addition to vaccinations and deworming, all pets should be flea and tick free. Canine guests with signs of fleas and/or ticks will be treated at the Grooming Salon at the Pet Parent’s expense prior to check-in.
Pet Boarding Tips:
Our pet guests are more than welcome to bring along their favorite Toys from home (marked with a permanent marker).

Food & Treats:
If you bring food at check-in, please keep in containers or bags labeled with your pet’s name, and provide written feeding instructions. Treats (except rawhide bones) are also welcome.

Blankets & Toys:
Bring your pet’s favorite blanket, toy or any item with a familiar scent—and adding his or her name to it is a good idea. Limit to two items please.

We’ll administer prescribed medications if they’re in the original container, Prescribed by your Vet and allowed by our Vet.(A daily fee applies to this service.)


Unnecessary Barking, Biting & Behaviour:

Do let us know if your Pet us prone to any Unnecessary, as eventually we do figure it out, but Prior intimation will have us prepared to deal with your Pet from Day 1. We are here to Help.


Please finalize and confirm 3 days in advance and 1 week in case of season times and Holidays/Celebrations. Fees are different for Holidays/Celebrations.

On your Visit at the time of Admission Please fill out the information sheet. Expain fooding habits, behaviour, medications etc, declare the correct pickup date and handover.

50% advance is required at the time of admission. If Pickups are extended by more than 1 week, Please ensure you inform and deposit the Weekly charges into out Account to keep Payments up to date.