Tips for First Time Puppy Owners

Please ensure you buy the Food, Bowl, Emergency Medicines and Liver and Digestive Supplements beforehand.

Transport Precautions:

Carry Newspaper. Lots. Newspaper torn in Strips help roll the poop and keep pup dry. Plus easy to replace.

When you receive the puppy first feed warm water mixed with a pinch of salt and 1 spoon of sugar (ORS).
Recommended always after transport.

Then Gas Medicine after 5 min. As after travelling pups can have Gas or Loose motions due to upset stomach

Watch out for Loose Motions, Gas(Not eating and stomach tight) and vomiting. Medicine will have to be given immediately and ORS.

Medicines (Recommended):

Vomiting: Ondem
Loose Motions: Oflokind/ Normetrogyl
Gas: Genusil MPS or Sucral
Cough /Cold: Cefpet(Recommended) or Ascoril

These medicines are available at any medical shop. Please buy and keep them. When the problem occurs feed the respective medicine immediately, one cap and repeat after 6 hours. Should solve. Offer ORS at this point of time. Discontinue any ongoing regular medicine/supplement.

Visit vet for Deworming once pup has settled down(Eating well and Solid Potty), and is above 45 days Age. Do check approx Age with us at the time of Purchase. Vaccines start after 4 days of Deworming.

4 Vaccines usually in a gap of 21 days each. Deworming to be done 3 days before each Vaccine date provided Puppy is Healthy, Eats well and shits solid.

Avoid Mud & Grass till Vaccines are completed. Contact us anytime if you have any issue.

Feeding (As Per Age):

Firstly do check in with us what the pup likes to eat. Each puppy is different and sudden change in food can lead to not eating.

Feed Cerelac/puppy milk if pup is less than 45 days old. After that Buy Puppy Starter or Mother and Pup.

Introduce Starter (Royal Canin /Drools/ Pedigree : Mother & Pup) to the pup by adding a few in the milk powder itself. Overtime increase the quantity of Starter and reduce Milk Powder, replacing finally.

To Feed Starter Add it In Hot water. Put a Handful. Wait for it to be soft and warm. Then mash and give. Soupy form.

After 60 days age you can add chicken liver soupy cooked in haldi with starter. Add Rice/ Roti as pup grows as a filler.

Regular Supplements that should be prescribed by your Vet should include Liver and Digestive Enzyme

Reference: Boskys Kennel ?